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Benefits of

10 Minute Beet®

  • Highly palatable and versatile feed for all horses and ponies
  • Low in starch and sugar so ideal for sensitive horses and ponies, and those who require extra metabolic, digestive or muscle support
  • Helps maintain good hydration
  • Provides an excellent supply of non-heating, steady energy for working horses and ponies, and can reduce starch levels in hard working horse diets when used as a replacement for more traditional hard feed
  • Provides a calm, non-heating* method of condition gain for thin horses
  • Enhances the digestion of structural fibre e.g from hay, in the hindgut
  • Rich in calcium, and ideal balancer for straight cereals and bran
  • Convenient, easy to prepare quick-soak
  • More hygienic in hot weather than 24 hour soak beet
  • Suitable for all year round feeding
  • A natural British superfood for all horses and ponies
  • Non-GM
  •  Approved by BETA NOPS
  • BETA feed assurance mark for feed most suitable for horses and ponies pone to EGUS.

* A non-heating feed is one that is less likely to produce excitable behaviour in some horses and ponies when fed at the recommended rate

Feeding Guide

10 Minute Beet® is very versatile feed that can be fed:


In small amounts as a bucket feed dampener, succulent or to enhance palatability


In moderate amounts as an excellent fibre supply for senstive horses and ponies


In large amounts as a safe supply of dietry energy for work or for condition, as a direct replacement for starchy cereal based feeds, or as a partial forage replacer for veterans with poor teeth or where foage quality is poor or forage is limited


10 Minute Beet® can be fed up to a maximum of 0.5kg per 100kg bodyweight e.g 2.5kg for a 500kg horse. Adjust the amount to suit the individual horse or pony

How to Prepare

Mix 1 part 10 Minute Beet® with 5 parts cold water by weight e.g. 200g of 10 Minute Beet® would require 1 litre of water. Allow the flakes to soak for 10 minutes. Soaked Flakes can be fed immediately or stored (in a cool place) for convenience for the next feed, for up to 24 hours. Only make up enough 10 Minute Beet® for the next feed.

Using hot water will reduce soaking time to 5 minutes. WARNING: DO NOT FEED DRY

Ready in just 10 minutes.

Adjust the amount to suit the individual horse or pony

Horse Body-weight (KG) Dampening, Palatability Fibre Supply or Light Work Medium Work or Condition Gain Hard Work As a Forage Replacer, with 3 Parts Unmolassed Chaff
200 80g 200g 600g 1kg 1kg (+3kg chaff)
300 120g 300g 900g 1.5kg 1.5kg (+4.5kg chaff)
400 160g 400g 1.2kg 2kg 2kg (+6kg chaff)
500 200g 500g 1.5kg 2.5kg 2.5kg (+7.5kg chaff)
600 240g 600g 1.8kg 3kg 3kg (+9kg chaff)
700 280g 700g 2.1kg 3.5kg 3.5kg (+10.5kg chaff)