Become a brand ambassador for EQUIGLO Horse Feeds

EQUIGLO Horse Feeds is giving enthusiastic amateur riders from across the UK the opportunity to become brand ambassadors. Applications are invited from those who are passionate about equine nutrition and wellbeing, and have horses and ponies that are fed a healthy fibre diet – including EQUIGLO Quick Soak 10 MINUTE BEET – enjoying life to the max and regularly taking part in competitions.

“We would like to hear from riders of all ages and in all regions and disciplines who are active throughout the year in local and regional events and competitions,” said EQUIGLO’S Simon Parker. “Those who are chosen will be welcomed into the EQUIGLO family and provided with monthly bags of Quick Soak 10 MINUTE BEET, a smart, liveried saddle cloth to wear on outings and an annual invitation to meet up with fellow brand ambassadors and members of the EQUIGLO team at one of the UK’s leading equestrian events.

“This is a really exciting way for us to support talented riders who are doing tremendously well at the lower levels of equestrian sport.”

Riders are sought from the following regions: South East, South West, East Midlands, West Midlands, East Anglia, North West, Yorkshire & North East, Wales and Scotland. Those interested in becoming a representative of the EQUIGLO brand should contact Deborah Hayward at EQUIGLO Horse Feeds for an application form, email or telephone 01765 635314.

EQUIGLO Quick Soak 10 MINUTE BEET is an ideal source of fibre for all horses and ponies, particularly those prone to, or at risk from, laminitis. A convenient and safe feed made from British-grown, non-GM unmolassed beet flakes, it is low in sugar and starch, highly digestible.

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