Tanya’s Blog

I work in the agriculture industry, so I’m still at work, full-time, supplying feed to the farmers for their animals. This does not stop, as whatever happens, the animals still need feeding, and that includes the equines. Farming carries on and I’m proud to be part of it all.

I’m also aware of how super busy the NHS are, as my sister works for them. It breaks my heart knowing what she is dealing with. Because of this, I’ve decided not to ride my ridiculously fit horses out.

They are ready to race 80km, but that has come to a halt, as it’s not sensible to ride them out and risk an accident and put more pressure on the NHS. So they are just being ridden in the fields at home with lots of lunging and ridden pole work.

This is great for them, as it makes them old endurance horses think about where they put their legs instead of going flat out everywhere and occasionally turning corners!

I’m hoping that, as people learn to start staying at home, we will be able to split the days at work. It will give me time to do the jobs I put off – washing down stables, scrubbing buckets, re-proofing rugs blah blah blah!!

The horses are all well. Their feed intake has dropped to suit the workload. We’re just giving them EquiGlo and chaff for the time being, all non-heating.

The Arabs don’t need any excuse to misbehave! Darwin, who’s 22, is having a month off while we have no pressure to compete. Latifa is just nuts (way too fit!) and hopefully less work will calm her down for a day or two and at this time that I’ve decided to ride in the field, which is giving me some much needed bonding time with Bella and I aim is to be popping some small jumps with her over the summer.

This is quite a task, as she finds just a coloured pole on the floor scary enough to cause snorts and spooks!

I can’t wait for this awful situation to be over. Please just stay safe and STAY HOME!! Enjoy the extra time with your precious horses 💕💕 Love Tanya and the gang xx

2 April 2020