Tanya’s Blog

Hi! September – it went wrong!

I was entered to take Darwin to 80 km (50 miles) on the moor and my friend was entered to ride Latifa for me.

My first mishap… I tried to get all my ride gear down from the tack room roof, the ladder slipped and I crashed to the floor. After realising I was alive, I phoned for help! I was OK, just bruised luckily!

These things come in 3’s apparently so I waited for my next 2 incidents…

And didn’t they just happen! Two days later I was riding my new mare Bella and we parted company. She kindly deposited me on the floor and took herself home at speed (1.5 miles!) and waited patiently in her stable for me to limp back very battered and bruised this time! I DID NOT like her at that moment!

I probably shouldn’t have been riding so soon after the ladder! She had cut her leg which I cleaned up and “chucked” her in the field and didn’t want to speak to her again until the next day. She since went on to get me a hefty vet bill for her cut leg. She’s now sound and back in work and looking good.

My third incident was that we were ready to go to the previously mentioned ride, but in the meantime Latifa had caught a cold so we didn’t take her and I had not recovered from falling off the ladder and falling off Bella, so my friend hopped on Darwin. It was a team event, our team won and Darwin came second individually with my friend.

So proud of my boy, but cross I wasn’t up for riding.  50 miles is no mean Feat – I couldn’t have done it.

Three weeks later we had another competition, again on the moors. Both Darwin and Latifa went and both flew around and passed vetting with flying colours, so September, by some miracle, ended well!

Our final competition for this season is in the New Forest. We’re staying away for two nights with two horses both riding 50 miles. I’ll report back and hopefully it will be less eventful than September!

Tanya xx