Melaney’s Blog


8 April 2020

Last year, we went on an 8 hour round trip to pick up Gwen (Llanmorlias Sweet Pea), an unbroken 14.2 Welsh section D 3-year-old (rising 4) to break in and produce, and what a great year we have had.

During the first few months I spent the time breaking her in and doing the all-important groundwork. Gwen has a very sweet, willing attitude, so there were no major problems other than the odd chucky baby buck.

Alongside this, I started to take up showing with her, something which is completely new to me, so off I went swapping my blingy showjumper gear to tweed.

At the start of the season I was clueless, but after listening to load of advice, watching endless YouTube videos and scrolling through the internet for any form of tips and tricks we finally got there and even managed to get placed or win at every competition we entered.

The highlight of your year was qualifying for STARS Southern Championship M&M large breeds class back in November and coming away with 8th place in a large class of 17 against some very classy combinations. She really held her own and I was very proud of how she behaved. This was followed by a well-deserved holiday for Gwen.

Skye had a fairly quiet season last year, mainly due to Gwen taking up a lot of the time. However, we had some good wins and placings in what we entered and, even though she is 21, she feels amazing.

Before Covid-19 and lockdown, we had planned a busy season ahead for both girls, but I have decided to work on our weaknesses. I brought Gwen back into work a month ago so will continue to produce her so she will be ready to attempt some M&M working hunter classes and ridden showing when we go back to normal.

Skye is ticking along nicely and will look forward to getting back to what we love – jumping!