Melaney’s Blog

The past few weeks have been fairly quiet competition wise, but we finally completed our long term goal of jumping a Newcomers class on our last outing and yes it was as big and scary as I thought it would be.

I am extremely lucky that Skye really knows her job & took me round, and even though she is 19, she is still just as enthusiastic about jumping as she has ever been. I did make a couple of rider errors but we will have another go and hopefully can perfect it. Sometimes it’s not always about winning but it’s the satisfaction of achieving your goal and giving you something to work on in the future.

We have since had official confirmation that we have qualified for the National Amateur 2nd rounds and hopefully we will have a go at trying to qualify for the final at the end of the month. Alongside that our local venue is holding qualifiers for the Blue Chip Winter Showjumping Championships which is always a fantastic competition so will definitely be aiming for the qualifiers.

Both Skye and Jazz have been on EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet for around 2 months and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the results & their food bowls are licked clean.

It fits in perfectly with our feed regime being only 10 mins to soak, meaning that it’s served fresh and it’s not going off especially with the heat that we have had. It also provides me with the confidence that they are being kept hydrated on competition days as Skye tends not to drink so has a small helping of 10 Minute Beet as a replacement.