Jessica’s Blog

Hi, I’ll firstly say a huge thank you to EquiGlo for allowing me to become a brand ambassador. It’s a huge privilege to work alongside a feed company I really have found works!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is jess and I live in Carlisle, Cumbria, with my partner, 2 Jack Russells and of course my trusty steed Humourous (Homi for short) alongside our various farm animals.

Homi is a 16hh bay thoroughbred gelding and is just into his veteran years at the age of 16. I have owned him for just over 3 years having brought him direct from his race trainer.

We compete at riding club and unaffiliated level in dressage and a bit of showjumping as well as hunting and pleasure rides.

We have had a busy few weeks since EquiGlo contacted me to say we were picked to be a brand ambassador. The start of the month brought our winter dressage thoroughbred series final to a close where Homi and myself took the championship sash for most points gained. I was thrilled to win this as his marks have increased since using EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet.

Following this we ventured to the ROR (retraining of racehorses) northern area camp at Park End Equestrian under the watchful eyes of Charlotte Ridley, Jake Taylor and Gaynor Booth. 2 dressage lessons, a gridwork lesson and a x-country lesson over 2 days in 30`c heat meant I was grateful for EquiFlo ensuring I could give Homi that extra fluid needed to reduce any dehydration.

Homi is now having a well deserved week of hacking whilst the hot weather continues to harden the ground before we take part in a charity dressage competition in aid of Starlight children’s charity.

Enjoy the weather whilst it lasts as it will soon turn!

Jess and Homi xxx