Jessica’s Blog

Scene has been having some chill-out time with his friend Bouncer, who has been having daily treatment for mud fever. My boy has got a bruised foot after cantering over a stone a few weeks ago. He likes to let me know he needs attention!!! Lol.

In the wake of Covid-19, plans for the season are obviously on hold! This isn’t a bad thing, though, as it gives us plenty of time to work on him from the ground, both long lining and lunging. This way I can check he is working his core and back correctly.

We will continue to feed him his daily EquiGlo, as he is looking amazing coming out of what can only be described as a pretty awful winter. I hope with another six months of feed and plenty of work, the difference will be a horse that is unrecognisable from the one I picked up.

Stay safe everyone.

Much love, Jess and Scene xxx

2 April 2020