Jessica’s Blog

Well, after a very miserable start to the year, we have had some sunshine!!!!

The weather has been beautiful and the end of February has seen plenty of smiles too… After our unpredicted spell of light work following Homi’s tying up back in January, we have had some fantastic few weeks of late. We ended the last blog with Homi on light work, this has gradually increased and he is now back to being as fit as ever.

Maybe it was a sign that we weren’t quite ready to venture out? As of a week into February, the yard was put on lock-down. A very sensible decision due to equine flu being such a huge topic within the racing world that saw the BHA shut down all racing in the UK for 7 days. We have many racing yards around and what’s another few weeks of staying at home where I can ensure Homi doesn’t pick up the nasty disease?

Finally with the all-clear from the yard to venture out and Homi fit and well, we ventured out with the biggest smile for the last hunt meet of the season with the Cumberland Foxhounds to a joint meet with the Haydon.

A beautiful sunny day at 16˚C, the snow drops and daffodils filling the verges, and with over 60 horses out, we had the most amazing day over some fantastic country. What a way to end the 2018/2019 season!

Homi stood and watched the hounds working with his ears pricked, enjoying every minute of being out. We even braved some of the hunt jumps. I cut the day short at 3pm as plans for the Sunday included a bath and re-plait! Not sure Homi was very impressed with this decision but homeward bound we went.

Sunday morning and a rude wake-up call from his bed at 6am! Thankfully still clean from his bath the evening before. Off we went to Sparket Show at Penrith. We had entered some in-hand classes as I thought an easier day was needed for Homi. What can I say other than I love my Horse more than ever?

1st In hand Thoroughbred to qualify for the Horse and Country Finals which sees a trip up to Ingliston in September for their Grand Slam show. Also picking up the Best Veteran rosette in this class from H&C.

1st In hand Veteran to qualify for the Veteran Horse Society second rounds. We now need to join and explore the second round shows. Would be amazing to qualify for the Veteran Finals at Arena UK in September also.

1st In Hand Best Conditioned.

On to the Championship, where we were up against some lovely horses. To my complete surprise and shock, we were crowned the In Hand Champions too. Some amazing comments from the judge who was insistent that we must become members of the VHS and SSADL as he can see us doing very well.

Certainly the best weekend I have had with my superstar since purchasing him 4 years ago. Spring is on its way and there are plenty of plans in the pipeline. Next week we will have a trip out to a local working hunter show for a play, something we haven’t done before and, so long as the weather stays dry, we will head to the beach for a paddle with friends on Sunday.

Enjoy the weather whilst it lasts and don’t give up on your dreams!

Jess and Homi xx