Jessica’s Blog

Well, the festivities seem like a distant past….

I apologise for being quiet on my social media posts of late, but I shall get to the reason for it shortly.

On the run-up to Christmas, we continued with our regular Saturday hunting meets. I have to say the season has been one of the best we have had in terms of dry weather in recent years, which makes the job a lot nicer and far more pleasurable.

We continue to nanny the young ladies who join us, and watching them flourish and enjoy their horses as much as I do is lovely to see. They are always polite, offer to do gates and will often stay out long into the afternoon.

This is what it’s about for me – establishing friendships and enjoying the horses and the beautiful Cumbrian countryside we are so privileged to be able to cross. Boxing Day was cut short due to other commitments, but we had a great day out.

Work between Christmas and New Year, plus our hunt ball, meant I missed the Saturday meet but, instead, headed out for a hack with friends so I could get my hair done in the afternoon.

Having missed the Saturday meet, we made up for it on New Year’s Day! An early start to plait and pick up another hunt subscriber en route saw a very long day. We stayed out until dark and weren’t back at the yard until 6pm, having left at 7.30am! One of the best days I’ve ever had.

Following the New Year and having missed my niece’s second birthday due to work, I had a trip home to Newark for a long weekend to visit family. I’m fortunate to have my partner look after Homi when I head away. I couldn’t do much without him on hand. Four days seemed to fly by, but I couldn’t wait to get home to concentrate on the new season plans and I was on a high.

This wasn’t to last…

Homi tied up on me!! We had headed out on our usual Saturday hunt but, 20 minutes in, he started to shorten his stride. Home we came, vet called, electrolytes administered, along with warm water given and plenty of warm rugs. He was lucky it was only a short-lived episode. Although he seems his normal self, he will be on a strict exercise regime for the new four to six weeks to ensure he has no muscle damage.

I’m devastated, at it means we will likely miss the rest of the hunt season unless we can resume fitness for the last meet of the season over at Haydon country at the end of February. We have had to cancel our Ellen Valley jump lesson, as well as a couple of shows in the upcoming weeks.

Homi will always come first and, as much as I’m gutted, his health remains my number one priority, which means everything else takes a back seat. However, we have just booked our place on the ROR North West Spring Camp in April at Somerford Park, so that’s something to look forward to.

Enjoy the lighter nights everyone…

Jess and Homi xx