Jessica’s Blog

Well it’s been another busy few weeks and a month I won’t forget in a hurry. I’ve just arrived back from 3 days at Somerford Park Farm for the last outing of the summer season at the ROR north west camp. I thought this would be a great time to write my next blog for you all.

Our month started off with heading north to Ingliston for the Horse & Country Racehorse Championships at the grand slam. Well eventually anyway! An engine problem not far from home resulted in us needing to be rescued and a very desperate phone call to borrow a pick up for the weekend.

We finally arrived after dark and got settled. Saturday morning saw us up early to get ready for our classes. Homi behaved as always like a gent and didn’t disappoint to come home with a respectable 6th and 8th in our sections. It was lovely to watch good friends win both the ridden and in hand class with their boy Two Vivo.

A quick trip back to home turf without Homi in tow for a weekend at Osberton Horse Trials followed. I got to watch some of my idols run over some very testing fences before fence judging on the CIC** course on Saturday.

The autumn hunting season had started in September but due to the above taking priority we hadn’t made it out until mid October. We joined forces with a friend who wanted to take her 4 year old cob out on its first day, Homi proving his weight in gold being nanny! We had a beautiful blue sky and plenty of sunshine which made the day even more pleasant. We can’t wait for our next trip out.

Finally CAMP! Where do I start….

Despite Storm Callum causing havoc we have had a blast. We caught up with some old friends and their steeds. Met lots of new friends, of both the two and four legged variety. And realised that deciding to take the hook up cable despite sleeping in the trailer was one of the best ideas ever! We stayed warm!!!

Having clipped Homi on Thursday morning due to the 20°C evening hack the day before leaving him in a lather, I’m not sure he enjoyed the wind and driving rain on arrival in Cheshire. We bedded down, endured the gale force winds and emerged on Friday morning to torrential rain for our first lesson of the day.

Homi showed the instructor he could do some amazing lateral work trying to avoid the rain and jumped amazing despite the rain. The wind and rain continued into the afternoon for our flat lesson with Louise Robson. Wow! Homi relaxed and started to give me some beautiful work. I really felt he worked hard and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Saturday saw us go cross country and another tick in a box I didn’t think we could achieve. To some a 3ft drop may not be huge but for us it’s a big achievement and one I am so proud of. He jumped everything asked and is another reason why I love him to bits.

After the past few weeks, we’re now going to focus on some down time and get into the hunting season. So for now I’m off to bed and I look forward to writing my next blog.

Jess and Homi xx