Emma’s Blog

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a fun summer filled with lots of laughter and long sunny evenings!

With the darker nights drawing in and the horses looking more fluffy by the second it is clear that winter is now on its way. The arrival of the academic term has brought with it the struggle of balancing horses with the vast amount of college work given throughout the week!

In terms of riding, last month was fairly quiet but extremely enjoyable (as always)! Bridie loved every minute of our evening showjumping lessons and together we are starting to find our zone! We have been practising hard for some upcoming winter dressage and showjumping competitions.

Although reduced riding time may seem like the end of the world to some, I have enjoyed the extra time for stable management and horse care revision, in preparation for my Pony Club exams.

After passing my B test care I am on a mission to attempt the AH test! I have been busy revising and learning all about equine anatomy and riding theory as well as how nutrition and diet can impact a horse’s performance!

Winter can bring many challenges but this year we are making sure we are prepared! Rugs have been sorted and the thick cosy turnout rugs have made a reappearance, the indoor arena has been levelled and the boards scrubbed, Bridie’s stable has received a full MOT with new grippy rubber matting and the stables even have brighter lights! The fleece lined exercise sheet has also made a surprise appearance along with a hi-viz breastplate for winter hacking though the Dorset countryside.

I am very excited for the next few months and who knows what they may bring! I look forwards to updating you all soon!

Emma x