Bracken’s Blog

Hi everyone,

September was a month of mixed emotions. Sad times as I have had to put Charlie and Sara into new homes having totally outgrown them both. Thankfully I couldn’t have found better homes for them and they have gone to teach 2 little girls how to ride, look after and love a pony.

On a happier note, I now have the time to concentrate on Rodger, who I am LOVING. He is coming on a treat and learning lots about visiting new venues and getting used to all the sights and sounds.

We have started our BD career together recently and have gained 15 BD points at Prelim. Looking forward to putting lots of time and effort into winter training for big things next year. In the midst of all that, I have just started secondary school.

Tune in next month as I may have some exciting news about a new ride!!! Best wishes to you all and good luck with your equine friends.

Bracken xx